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‘MUSIC IS A SONG OF LIFE’S EVENTS’ Anamika started her musical journey from New York where she formed her own band, playing to a fast-growing galaxy of fans. Then home beckoned and she made her début on the Indian music shores with an energizing blend of Western and Indian styles. There has been no looking back since- the accolades poured in and so did the awards and rewards.

She hit the music marquee with her lilting husky voice in her first album ‘Catwalk’. The album and the track won her instant recognition as a singer with great promise. She is thoroughly trained in Indian classical music and writes her own lyrics and even composes music for her songs. She is the only artist who sings in Hindi, Punjabi and English. Apart from her original tracks, she also sings her own rendition of chart-topping international songs and Hindi film remixes of classic oldies and popular favourites.

Versatility is her middle name. She is at ease with all kinds of music- be it pop, classical, qawwali, devotional, patriotic, filmy, folk, rap or western. She can evoke the right passion in a love song and the correct dose of sensuousness in a seductive song or go tango with a dance number. Her added talent as a dancer is an advantage in her live performances. She brings her audience to its feet and takes them to the pinnacle of pure entertainment.

She is well known for the crackling energy she generates on stage and her ability to get the audience living has made her a hot favourite wherever she performs. Highly popular on the live circuit, she has performed all around the world and has teamed up with other artists to experiment with different styles and languages. She is as passionate about Western music as she is about Desi tunes.

In her live performances, audiences are amazed by the ease and versatility with which she modulates her voice to sing popular Western tracks, so different from her Hindi style that you can hardly recognize it as being the same voice. Anamika’s innocent charm, coupled with her zestful attitude and unbridled lung-power are ringing in a new kind of music. At a time when the Indian Pop scene is deluged by tasteless songs and videos, she chooses to portray a glamorous and yet classy image.

 In an industry where a singer’s worth is measured more by quantity rather than quality, Anamika has managed to render a fair range of tracks. She has experimented with a wide canvas of genres, exhibiting her best each time. Her repertoire thereby remains dynamic and impressive. She has a steadfast fan-following of all ages and segments from all over the country. With her straight-from-the-heart appeal and rich voice she caters to all music genres and tastes, be it lilting romantic ballads or a robust danceable hit. She is the heartthrob of millions and the velvet voice of the young-at-heart packaged in a bundle of high-intensity energy! She is the embodiment of heartfelt lyrical expression and of all things wonderful-Love, Hope and Desire. She has blossomed into a mature artist whose first note in any performance is bound to pull in the attention of the audience.

Despite her commitments in the studio, she has expressed her preference to performing live. The interaction with the audience, according to her, encourages improvisation and adventure and brings out the best in her. After over a decade in the industry, her vivacity, spontaneity and sense of rhythm remain unmatched even to this day. In an industry where new talent is always round the corner, Anamika remains one among the few people who will stay on and bring permanence to her work as well.